Anuradapura is the first capital and greatest old city of the ancient Ceylon 4th  century B.C to 10th  century A.D situated in the North Central Province.. It is the home of two World Heritage Sites. Many historical and archaeological places of interest can be seen. Sri Maha Bodhi (sacred bo-tree) was brought as sapling of the tree under prince Siddhartha attained to enlightenment and it is over 2200 years old and is the oldest historically documented tree in the world. The brazen palace ( 2nd century B.C.), the 1600 stone columns are all that is left of magnificent multi-storied residence for monks. Ruwanwalisaya (2nd century B.C.) is the most famous of all the Dagobas(Stupa/Pagoda).Samadi Buddha Statue (4th century A.D.)One of the most famous statues ,depicting the Buddha in a state of deep meditation. Isurumuniya rock temple (3rd century B.C.) is well known for its rock carvings. And also can see Abayagiriya stupa,Jethawana stupa(3rd century A.D. largest brick building in the world),Moon stone etc.


Polonnaruwa is the second capital city of the Sri Lanka built in the 11th and 12th centuries A.D. and which is a World Heritage Site, situated in North Central Province. Here you can see the ruins of the royal palace, the gal viharaya where 4 splendid statues of the Buddha in “upright”, “sedentary” and “recumbent” postures carved out of rock could be seen, the audience hall,lotus bath, the statue of king Parakramabahu the great, and the Parakrama Samudraya(artificial lake) built by king Parakramabahu.there are also monuments of famous places such as Alahana Pirivena, Shiva temple,Lankathilake,watadage,Galpotha,Kiri Vehera and remains of a former temple of the Tooth Relic.


 Sigiriya rock fortress belong to 5th century A.D. which is a World Heritage Site, built by king kashapa(477-495 A.D.).The “lion Rock” is a citadel of unusual beauty rising 200m from the scrub jungle with breath taking panorama on the top. The rock was the innermost stronghold of the 70 hectare fortified town. A moat, rampart, and extensive gardens including the water gardens ring the base of the rock. World famous frescoes of the “Heavenly Maidens”  of sigiriya can be seen.


Dambulla situated in Central Province, it’s famous for rock temple built in 1st century B.C. and it is World Heritage Site.It is the most impressive of Sri Lanka’s cave temples. the complex of five caves with over 2000 sq. metres of painted walls and ceilings, is the largest area of paintings found in the world. It contains over 150 images of the Buddha of which the largest is the colossal figure  of the Buddha carved out of rock and spanning 14 metres. 


Kandy is the last capital of the Sri Lankan kings and it is a Living World Heritage Site (32 buildings in the city identified as heritage buildings and UNESCO symbol can be seen on the walls of the buildings) situated in Central Province 116 km away from Colombo and altitude of 488 metres above sea level. Surround by Mahawali river, knuckles mountain range etc.Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic ,Kandy city , Kandyan lake and Shows of traditional dancing can be seen and also near to visit Peradeniya botanical garden (Originally Pleasure Garden of the Royalty,59 hectares. Today nearly 4000 species of plants can be seen) & Pinnawa Elephant Orphanage ( The orphanage was established in 1975 with seven orphaned elephants now it is home for about 60 elephants. Can see baby elephants bottle fed & bathing river near by.) Kandy Procession one of the most famous religious event that is held in July or August each year, This Pageant includes decorated elephants, traditional Kandian dancers and drummers.


Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya is Situated in central mountains about 1800 m above sea level. Can feel cold mountain climate and beautiful sceneries and panoramas. Also the heart of the tea plantations that producing world class tea. Highest mountain of Piduruthalagala (2525 m) can see from the city. National park like Hortain plains (3160 hectares) can visit from Nuwara Eliya , High mountain rain forest with water falls, breath taking views, flora/fauna etc. can be seen with 9 km walking in the park.

Wild Life

Sri Lanka is very famous for its wild life because we have 21 National parks and 60 Sanctuaries. We are famous  for fauna most of all for Birds (Nearly we got 460 Species of birds 238 Breeding residents, Over 200 Migrants and 33 endemic to Sri Lanka. Also famous for wild Asian elephants we have nearly 6000 elephants in our forests. Wilpattu and Yala National parks are famous to see the leopards.


              National park with about 28000 hectares of land situated in the South of the country. It is very famous to see Leopards, Deer, Wild bores, Crocodiles, Many bird Spices etc.



             National park with about 8800 hectares of land situated in North Central Province. It is very famous to see Wild Elephants, Deer, Crocodiles, Buffalo, Many Bird spices etc.


Galle is one of the famous ancient harbours in Sri Lanka and it became very famous during Portuguese and Dutch periods. Now you can see Dutch Fort that built by Dutch 17th century. It is a World Heritage Site. Dutch colonial buildings, church, rampart, 12 bastions, old VOC company monogram etc. can be seen. 


Colombo is the commercial capital city of Sri Lanka. Fast changing developing city, with night life, Sky high buildings etc. Over one million people are living there. Independence Square, 100 years old clock tower, British colonial buildings, national museum, hotels, shopping complex etc. are there.


Sri Lanka offers breath taking beaches arround the country. like Mirissa, Waligama, Unawatuna, Nilaweli, Pasikuda..